It was another night of outrageous comedy and unique audience participation at the Big Laugh Comedy show last Saturday night. The show's producer and local comedian Lizette Mizelle brought a group of outrageous and fabulous comedians to Atascadero's Lake Pavilion. Starring comedians included comedian Dennis Blair who opened for George Carlin for 18 years. Jann Karam has appeared on the Tonight Show, Comedy Central and Comedy Time. Collin Moulton, originally from the Central Coast has just taped a Showtime special, and Justin Rivera offers a unique and mesmerizing comedy magic twist. Black Market Trio opened up with hot Latin-jazz.

~ Amy

Those in the know consider the Big Laugh Comedy to be one of local entertainments best kept secrets. The shows producer and local comedian Lizette Mizelle brought a group of outrageous and fabulous comedians to Paso Robles on Saturday night.Starring comedians included Mark Pitta, Jen Kober, Mike Winfield, Marc Yaffee, Katsy Chappell, hosted by Lizette Mizelle.

~ Calcoast News

Lizette: The latin word for AMAZING! (or at least, I'm pretty sure it is). I've done radio ticket giveaways for her shows... and the response is nothing less than overwhelming each time. The most recent show I attended, was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! And although the venue was medium sized, you couldn't tell, as Lizette seems to have a "friends and family" relationship with the entire room. And she seemlessly juggles the 30 hats she's wearing in executing these shows... not only organizing, promoting, hosting, but also starring in her own shows. I will continue to be as involved as Lizette would like me and my radio stations to be with any and all of her upcoming shows, as she never disappoints.

~ JoJo Lopez

Just got back from The BIG Laugh! hosted by Lizette Mizelle. As always, EXCELLENT show.

~ Jason Brink

Awesome comedy show tonight...laughed so hard my cheeks and stomach hurt!!! :-)

~ Joni

You deserve "SOOO" much more for the smiles and the Laughter you bring to all of our Hearts! "THANK YOU"....

~ Bonney

Thanks for an awesome night!! I have never laughed so hard, cried so hard!! My cheeks and jaw are very sore and I think my facial muscles and stomach muscles are pretty tight! Thank you again for a spectacular night and VIP seatings. I LOVE ya girl!

~ Cheryl

Hey you! First of all thank you soo much for last night! I laughed til I cried!! I needed that!

~ Jodi

You put on a great show by the way. You should be proud, I know its alot of work, but you do a great job and it SHOWS

~ Jason

Hello kids, We went to this tonight at the Pavillion at Atascadero Lake. Lizette Mizelle was really funny, Mrs Hughes and the 3 Blonde Moms were really funny, and we didn't hear one F word or similar foul mouth all night. So very refreshing.

~ Richard

Hey there, loved the show, laughed so much my face ached, great to see you again, till next time :)

~ Glenn

Awesome show! They always are :) next show I want seats next to the bar ;)

~ Steve

That was a rolling on the floor..peeing my pants..tears coming out of my eyes kinda night!!!! Lizette your amazing!!! Felt the love with our seats thanks soooooo much..we had the best night ever!!!I am a official groupie!!!!

~ Monique

Laughing is good for the soul, and the waistline..thanks Lizette for helping me lose a couple inches last night!

~ Jeni

Once again.. u did a great job!! loved the show!!!!

~ Anita

Having lived in Orange County in the mid '90's, I grew accustomed to great comedy! Moving back to the Central Coast I found the Comedy Void. :( Few attempts were made to produce even mediocre comedy in this area, until a couple of years ago when I stumbled across a small venue with this woman named Lizette Mizelle hosting it. It was a small hole-in-the-wall location, but I thought if nothing else, at least the Host was attractive! Much to my pleasant surprise, the comedians were awesome! I spoke with Lizette after the show about how much I enjoyed it and could see by her enthusiasm that she was destined for more than that small room she was booking. I've attended several of her shows that she's produced since then and have watched her progress to the point she is now. She alone has brought Quality Comedy to the Central Coast! No one can compare. Lizette's Big Laugh shows are consistently sold out venues. The next step for her is a larger location to accommodate more than the 400 seats she is now filling, but understandably that comes with a cost. Lizette solely funds these shows out of her own pocket and is in need of financial backing to continue bringing well-known comedians to this area. Companies that are willing to support financially will be placing their advertising dollars in a wise location. Comedy shows are among those luxury Items that people utilize disposable income for. People that come to Lizette's shows are typically those who have money to spend, and if they're spending it on comedy they are probably spending it in other luxury areas too. I'm excited to see her progress to the next level and see what's in store for the Central Coast, but understand that it can't be done alone. Lizette's tireless effort and countless hours of dedication have paid off. I'm grateful to have watched the progression!

~ Paul

As usual you were fabulous; beautiful; and so funny. Thank you for such a great evening. We had a great time and we are already looking forward to the next one. Best wishes!!OXOXOX

~ Glenda

My voice is so raspy and hoarse this morning from laughing so hard and so loud!!!

~ Mandy

Had a great time. Classy act ... bring it back to Paso

~ Richard. Paso

Thank you! ... we had a the best time, & it was wonderful to see you again!

~ Kimberly. San Luis

You are a rockstar Lizette. We always have a great time there and the talent you get is fantastic.

~ Tyson. Templeton

Thank you for bringing laughter to the Central Coast.

~ Tim. Atascadero

Great Show Last Night!

~ Keko. Atascadero

Nothing like this around here, you are amazing! Thank you for binging this event to our area.

~ Jenny. Paso

My husband and I always have a fantastic time at your show. The comedians were so great, we couldn't stop laughing.

~ Alison. Atascadero

We have been going to show for 7 years, and this event is always amazing!.

~ Judy. San Miguel


"I don't know how long this event has been going on for but it felt like I was performing at a family reunion. Thanks for including me. (This quote better be at the top of the page.)"

~ Orny Adams

Lizette puts together a tremendous show. The quality of the comics, the staff, the venue are all absolutely top-notch. Add those things up and you get a great and grateful audience. Thanks for having me on The Big Laugh- it was the best!

~ Bil Dwyer

Working with Lizette is such a pleasure. She took very good care of me, the comics, the crowd, the sponsors, and her crew all at the same time. The venue was sold out and packed with laughs. The audience was awesome and warmed up from the beginning. They were very receptive, and the show ran smoothly and professionally. The way Lizette runs, produces, promotes, markets, books, and manages her events is any entertainer's dream. It's shows like Lizette's that we wish for and the reason why we want to keep working in show business.

~ Justin Rivera

If you ever feel like jumping off a building (and who doesn't from time to time?), do a show for Lizette and her great audiences at the Big Laugh and you will climb down off the ledge. Professionally done, perfectly organized, warm, intelligent and enthusiastic crowds that make you glad to still be in show business. Who knew!? Thanks to Lizette and the good folks in Atascadero!

~ Dennis Blair

The quality of shows put on by Lizette Mizelle rival the best productions anywhere, from the Sunset Strip to Times Square. At each show, I have witnessed many hundreds of people have the times of their lives. As a sponsor, you'd do well to be part of that experience.

~ Paul Ogata

The Big Laugh is just what we need in the North County, heck the whole county. It's a night out that has never failed to be the BIG LAUGH it claims to be. Lizette's organizational skills and her talent are amazing. I have been in the show and in the audience, Kudos Lizette keep'em coming." Mrs Hughes

~ Mrs. Hughes

Lizette has succeeded where others have failed to bring BIG comedy to the Central Coast. The credits of the comedians she has access to rival any venue across the country. The houses are always packed with happy well lubricated people." An advertising dream :)

~ James P. Connolly

Who is Lizette? Oh, that Lizette.... Truly professional through and through. Lizette always has the audience and comedians best interest at hand. A wonderful experience for both performer and ticket holder from start to finish.....

~ Dave Burleigh

I was so impressed with the show at the Pavilion and its lineup. It's like a great Hollywood style showcase club meets hometown appeal

~ Marc Yaffee

Thanks Lizette, for bringing my nationally touring 3 Blonde Moms show to your venue. We had the best time, was great audience, and you are always a pleasure to work with and for. Looking forward to next time." Best Regards,

~ Joanie Fagan

Lizette, literally works her butt off to make each and every BIG LAUGH show end in success and it SHOWS. I will be forever grateful to her for being one of the few bookers to open their "comedy room booking arms" to me when I returned to the stand up stage after a 10 year hiatus. I am glad to call her friend. I look forward to bringing MY brand of funny to the BIG LAUGH whenever she needs me.

~ Katsy Chappell

I have been doing stand up for nearly 15 years at venues all across the country and Lizette is one of the best producers in the business. I have performed in a number of shows for her in a wide variety of venues and she knew how to make the show work just right in every situation for both the comedian and the audience.

~ Tom Clark